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White Rock SC 29177


Please join us! The mission of our congregation is doing God's will, so all people can know His love and be transformed into His followers.

History, Mission, Vision and Values



The year 1762 has been agreed upon as the founding date of Bethel Lutheran Church. Early records indicate that a German colony settled along the Saluda River and Broad River in the mid 1700's and first organized the congregation. Places of worship were constructed for this congregation along High Hill Creek, where Lake Murray is today. As a result, when construction of the lake began, it forced the congregation to relocate. Another church, Mount Vernon, had been organized in White Rock in 1893. At the time of the relocation of Bethel, the two congregations agreed to merge as one. The merger became effective in 1928, and the present Bethel Lutheran Church, built by the members, was completed in 1930.

The land, language, occupations, and purpose of the community have all changed dramatically over the last 250 plus years. However, the mission of Bethel Lutheran Church remains the same; to do God’s will so that all people can know His love and be transformed into His followers. The congregation wishes to provide an environment where the word of God can be spread every day to further His work. The congregation is proud of Bethel’s history in the community and the service Bethel has provided in God’s name. Our congregation has a firm understanding of its purpose and a strong desire to continue God’s work for many years to come.

Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of our congregation is doing God’s will so all people can know His love and be transformed into His Followers.

We shall do God’s Will by:

  • Proclaiming the saving gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • Reaching out to one another;
  • Serving human needs and caring for our neighbors; and
  • Worshipping God, administering the sacraments and living according to the example of Jesus Christ our Lord.

So all people can know God’s Love and be transformed into God’s followers, we shall:

  • Proclaim, preserve and witness the Gospel faithfully in accordance with Holy Scriptures and the apostolic witnesses;
  • Reach out to all people in God’s kingdom, so that through teaching and example they may grow in faith, hope and love;
  • Respond to God’s love by serving and caring for others; and
  • Worship God by living lives of prayer, praise, thanksgiving, witness and sacrifice.

Bethel is proud to be a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


We welcome all as we gather for worship or fellowship and are certain you will enjoy your time with us. Should you be interested in becoming a member of Bethel please contact Pastor Butler at 803-781-2134.