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White Rock SC 29177


Please join us! The mission of our congregation is doing God's will, so all people can know His love and be transformed into His followers.

Sunday School


We have been commanded by Jesus to be disciples and teachers of His Word, and we must arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding of that Word. Regardless of age, our faith must be nurtured regularly with Christian education, learning, and fellowship. In this spirit, Bethel provides Sunday School classes for all ages, as well as a nursery for children younger than three years old.

Classes begin at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday and everyone is welcome!

Children (Ages 3-6): Through music, Bible stories and crafts children learn about main characters of the Bible and the experience of God’s love.

Children (Ages 7 and up): Utilizes relevant videos and movies to serve as platforms to communicate important biblical lessons and Christian topics.

The Wired Word: A weekly Bible study based on current events. Each week, group members receive an email with a discussion topic and relevant scripture passages. On Sundays, as a group, class members share and discuss how the understanding of these passages as apply to their everyday lives based on these current events.

The Sharers: This class studies and discusses Bible lessons using the Augsburg Adult Bible Studies curriculum. The class is composed of caring and sharing adults who meet not only to study God’s word but to support each other in their faith.